Strasbourg is one of the most exotic French cities: close to the German border, we remember well that the city has been passed under the jurisdiction of either state as the result of several wars. So that its history is closely interwoven with that of the neighboring country: Germany. A rich history of movements that bequeathed him a double culture and that's indeed one of the great strengths of Strasbourg! These troubled times are now far from Strasbourg, the Alsatian town is both French and German and can be seen as a link between the two countries. Besides historically, Strasbourg is the quintessential symbol of Franco-German reconciliation. Strasbourg is now a great European figure, since it hosts no more or less than the European Parliament. Apart from the political institutions, one thinks immediately at the mention of Strasbourg with its many canals lined with half-timbered houses that make up the decor of the district of La Petite France. The historic center of the city nicknamed the Great Island is entirely classified by UNESCO as Rohan Palace Strasbourg Cathedral are the famous landmark. But impossible to make a tour by Strasbourg without sampling Alsatian incomparable culinary specialties, which are found in abundance in the great Christmas market, symbol of the city. Guided tour of Strasbourg Start your visit to Strasbourg by the district of Notre Dame cathedral. After visiting the cathedral, visit the museum of the work of Notre Dame, the Palais Rohan. Walk to the Castle Square in the marketplace with suckling pigs, and instead of the Gayot market instead of Broglie. Do not miss the Street of the Jews and the rue Brûlée, Cagliostro visit the house and the house Kammerzell. Then go in the Petite France to discover the canals, alleys and beautiful timbered houses.