Capital of the region of Dalmatia, Split is an important city of nearly 200,000 inhabitants, the port includes an important activity with respect to the Croatia. From a tourist point of view, many ferries from the port of Split towards the beautiful Dalmatian coast islands but Split also counts as an important step in Croatia to discover its remarkable historical heritage. Split was long ago Roman colony, and this time it remained the major monument of the city, Diocletian's palace and peristyle, home of the emperor abdicated himself in the early fourth century the conservation status of this building is rare. these remains have even influenced the neoclassical current, centuries later. Besides the palace, world heritage, the historic center of Split keeps pace inherited from the Venetian domination on the region: a result that meets the expectations of visitors, more and more numerous. Split, a city of charm envoutantIl can reach Split by plane, ferry or by land. The cheapest would be to take the bus. The tour price is estimated at less than 200 €. By making the drive through either Germany or Italy, there are approximately 1,400 km of motorway with tolls to be set. Transiting not Germany (€ 30) cheaper than by Italy (€ 70). Moreover, the most effective way to reach Croatia would fly. However, almost half of the year (October to March), the only flight from the French capital is Paris-Zagreb. Take a connection to Split then becomes necessary. Once there, the rental car is the best way to discover the country even if some precautions are necessary. Take extra care driving through the winding and narrow roads. Croatia has adopted and enforces tolerance 0 in road safety. To avoid sanctions, we must then avoid even swallow a drop of alcohol before driving. Croatia is a country where haggling has no place. The so-called price too

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