Best known for its financial center and commercial port of global importance, the city of Singapore is also an exotic and multi-faceted in its ultramodern city air. For this, one must visit the old colonial city, its temples and its opera and others to quickly realize! Singapore, a picturesque town only city-state in the world, Singapore represents the excess of the global economy with its high buildings and its incessant activity. The agglomeration of Singapore occupies one of the 64 islands that make up the territory of that state. Its port, in position as a crossroads between China and the rest of the world, allows the city to host a very important commercial traffic, coupled with a tertiary activity with dazzling successes. Singapore separated from Malaysia since 1965 but has prospered since, and accommodate the diversity of people who live here: the Chinese majority, Malays, Indians. so we around with curiosity in the neighborhoods of this city marked many Asian cultures. Shopping is also a popular activity in Singapore. Moreover, this city is not just that its only city; other islands make up its territory and the resort island of Sentosa and its natural parks, which allow an escape to get out of town. Bustling Singapore Accessible by air from most major cities and by boat from the neighboring coasts such as Malaysia or Indonesia, Singapore is an island, its great business model reputation. The city, heavily urbanized, amazes with its skyscrapers resolutely modern architectures that offer a panoramic view of this economic city. From the top of the & laquo; Sky Tower & raquo ;, for example, which is perched 135 meters above the ground, you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Inevitable as each street corner, shopping centers offer a wide range of products for those who want to do some shopping during