Largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has been at the heart of a rich history and several thousand years, this is due in part to its crossroads location in the Mediterranean that has not escaped the multiple civilizations that have walked the land from the island. Phoenicians and Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans, Muslims and Normans, Sicily was often the scene of clashes for control, and the occupants have not missed to leave traces of their passage. A rich history therefore, in beautiful Mediterranean landscapes watered sun, adorned with a few attractive cities and a unique culture sometimes (as the folklore of the mafia in Corleone) we understand the attraction for tourists Sicily! Sicily, cultural destiation addition to its beautiful beaches and fantastic volcanoes, Sicily is also an island with countless archaeological sites both unique and fascinating. cultural tourism is one of the highlights of the island, reflection . its history rich even said that often the most beautiful Greek temples are not in Greece but in Sicily Among the essential steps, Palermo, the capital: the Cathedral, the palatine chapel, the church of San Cataldo, Quattro Canti the Mirto palace, San Giovanni degli Eremiti. Much to discover! nearby, do not miss Monreale and Cefalu, and the temple of Segesta, essential trips. on the south coast of the island, Agrigento is another step choice: the famous Valley of the Temples, the archaeological museum, Cathedral. many put their valisent around for any length of stay! The eastern coast of Sicily, this is yet another journey. With Syracuse (Grammichele, Vizzini, Palazzo Acreide.), Messina (Cathedral, Astronomical Clock.) Or Catania, several cities are emerging. In the background, Etna seems to reign over the region: its ascent is one of strong experiences living in Sicily The more adventurous take the time to explore the island of Stromboli, off Sicily, avecson volcano! still very active. The tr

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