Serbia is a tourist destination in full expansion in the Balkans is gradually rediscovering in this area long prone to unrest and instability an endless supply of remarkable sites as natural qu'architecturaux, always slightly more to join list of World Heritage UNSECO. Serbia is indeed the heir of a millenary history in which many have succeeded occupants, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans like the great kingdoms of Serbia in the Middle Ages; each left a mark on this territory that could be divided into two geographic areas: North, Vo ivodine ad the great plains of central Europe, with the main settlements Novi-sad Novi Sad or Belgrade, very attractive capital. In the south, the country is mountainous moderate altitude to newly independent Kosovo. No fewer than five major national parks were created to preserve natural spaces of Serbia. Discovery of Serbia. Serbia is a country located in the Balkans, it is surrounded by Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, south Bulgaria, Croatia northwest, Hungary North. Serbia is a beautiful country, open for tourism all year round. During summer visitors like to spend their time in Belgrade and enjoy nature in many national parks across the country. In winter, visitors are welcomed in the mo stations

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