In the fifteenth century, the Ottomans, the current masters of Bosnia, decided the foundation of Sarajevo in lieu of a previously very far. The Bosnian capital since its creation has suffered a turbulent history, like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand that precipitated the entry of the world into war in 1914 ... More recently, in 1992, Sarajevo was besieged by Serb forces ... this umpteenth conflict in the Balkans, Sarajevo has retained to the opinion a poor image, far yet current realities of the city: the war is far now, reconstruction went good train, and Sarajevo has become a real attractive tourist destination for its atmosphere, the life that takes place there, its heritage but also its surrounding area, mountainous and forested. Discover and prepare his next trip: Sarajevo is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the capital and largest city that exists there. It is a tourist town. His chain of mountains and its facilities from the Olympic Games are one of its major attractions. One can make hiking and high altitude sports. By going through the streets of Sarajevo, there are still traces of the war. Getting there allows to realize closer to the intensity of the past conflict. Other attractive sites are there, there is the great mosque, the Historical Museum and the National Museum which specializes in archeology. Sarajevo, a revival in town. Sarajevo is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the capital and largest city. The