San Sebastián

San Sebastián, Basque seaside resort on the coast Close to the French border, San Sebastián, easily accessible, offers a taste of Spain in a half hour drive from tourism / Hendaye Hendaye, much less by taking the train ... City of importance in the style of resorts, the success of San Sebastián is based on its beautiful urban beaches, its architecture, its festive atmosphere, but also its famous tapas bars ! Things to see and do to easily San Sebastián The resort has three beaches adjoin the city center, including the famous Concha: more than a kilometer long! After swimming towards the old town to enjoy the architectural heritage of San Sebastián. At night, the streets come alive, and one feels that one is in Spain ... the atmosphere is lively until late in restaurants, bars and clubs in the city. Main events Admittedly, it's not often in January that we find ourselves in San Sebastian, but note that is at this time the Tamborrada, a traditional festival with bands, parades, lots of noise and a lot of people ! For lovers of the seventh art, San Sebastián is organizing its film festival in September: the sizes are generally by appointment. Climate and seasons San Sebastián suffered very directly oceanic influence: result, the winters are relatively mild, summers are hot but not too scorching. The city is however well watered throughout the year, and one is never safe from a good rain even in the middle of August. Not surprisingly, the peak tourist season focuses on the months of July and August: crowded then, consider booking your accommodation in advance! Identity Population: about 185,000 inhabitants Region: Basque Country Links Sit