San Francisco

Great California metropolitan area at the entrance of the eponymous bay, San Francisco is known for being one of the most liberal cities in the United States. Homosexuals, hippies, beatniks, many minorities and artistic movements could flourish here, making this city one of the most attractive to discover the country! Built on several hills, some avenues seriously climb to San Francisco : it is time to get on a cable car, the famous trams of the city, and along these colorful Victorian homes that are now part of the legend of the place is runs through a set of neighborhoods. eclectic, from Chinatown to Russian Hill (for the view) via Castro, the gay district. The bay is a simply beautiful site! This brings together two symbols of San Francisco: the island of Alcatraz, and contrasting with the blue sea, the high red pillars of the Golden Gate overlooking this majestic bay. San Francisco symbols Everything usually starts with the Golden Gate Bridge, absolute symbol of the city, still impressive with its bright red frames, intense traffic and the view offered on the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Not far away, the Presidio Park offers a natural gem on the edge of the cliffs, a good breath of fresh air and stunning views of the Golden Gate! In Downtown, shoppers will défouleront the side of Union Square. Here starts the famous San Francisco Cable Cars, crossing the steep hills of Nob Hill and Russian Hill before descending into post to Fisherman Wharf, probably the most tourisitque area of ??town, with its restaurants, shops at Camelott and seaside terraces. It is possible to embark on a landmark visit to the city, Alcatraz, which perceives not far off. Also in the center, Chinatown is figure historic area: it is the oldest of all the United States. Asian restaurants and grocery stores are swarming everywhere. Another typical area of ??SF,

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