eminently cultural city of the historical region of Castile and Leon, Salamanca is famous firstly for -of-its famous salamanca University, one of the oldest of Spain: it was founded in the twelfth century, which does not date from yesterday! But the cultural heritage does not stop there, and the wealth of the city extends largely to its built heritage, itself exceptional: all the old city center is just a World Heritage by Unesco, which bodes the best surprises ... in fact, from the Plaza Mayor and his city Hall, remarkable monuments succeed, including the Cathedral of Salamanca, has the Clericia sALAMANCA, the Casa de las Conchas or -duenas sALAMANCA-a-las Duenas convent. What delight any lover of beautiful architecture ... Nightlife in Salamanca Good place to go out in Salamanca's Plaza de la Tuca is the landmark of students because the bars are cheap. On the Gran Via there ├ęgalelment has some good places for young revelers, La Hacienda, Cum Laude, Country .... If you are looking for the local alternative scene, it is located between the Plaza de San Justo and Gran Via. Regarding nightclubs, Salamanca has pa