Saint Helier

Saint Helier Jersey is the capital of the Channel Island of Jersey in England. Visitors can make hiking to discover the city center to the port. Several places are to be discovered as the Central Market on St Helier which exists since 1882, also an official site of special interest. Visitors will also enjoy the Victorian architecture that dominates and ornamental fountain. In addition, the city has a large range of museums such as the Jersey Museum or the Maritime Museum. New Jersey Opera House or St. Jacques entertainment venue are also worth visiting. Getaway to Saint Helier on the island of Jersey. The majority of St Helier center is pedestrianized and the rest are one-way streets. It is advisable to visit the center on foot. There are three museums in the city center, the Maritime Museum, the Occupation Museum and the Jersey Museum. The Maritime Museum is probably the most exciting if you have children, there are several interactive exhibits on the maritime history of Jersey. Saint Helier has an abundance of restaurants, especially many styles French, Italian and Portuguese. Chinese, Indian and Thai are also well represented. Coté bars, the normal closing time is 23 hours and most clubs must be closed to 2 hours. Nevertheless some bars can stay open until one in the morning if they organize a concert. St Helier is quite compact and you can wander from pub to pub quite easily. Side accommodation, the offer is primarily focused on luxury hotels and rates are quite expensive. There are nevertheless some cheap hotels and campsites around Saint-Helier. Where to stay in St Helier, on the island of Jersey? Capital