Romania is a country of Europe of the East, which arouses curiosity. It is a well known tourist destination. Holidays in Romania promise to be exotic. Romania has a historical and architectural heritage. Its many attractions attract many tourists each year. Discovery of Romania In the eastern borders of continental Europe, Romania is proud of her Latin heritage, after the long period of conquest of the region by the Roman Empire. The language, Romanian, and remains a Latin language in the middle of Slavic languages ??of its neighbors, Bulgarians, Serbs, Ukrainians. It is then the Byzantine Empire which left its marks as the country is predominantly Orthodox confession the religious monuments of this period are among the treasures architectural Romania, as are the many castles that stand in the mountainous regions of the country, the Carpathians or very folklorist Transylvania region which gave birth to the legend of Count Dracula. A Bucharest, the remnants of the Soviet era are still present in the architecture while excess. The northern border is marked by the Danube, which ends up in the Black Sea in a superb Delta, a natural area classified by UNESCO. History, traditions and cultures Romanian Romania is located north of the Balkan Peninsula, on the western shore of the Black Sea. The country is bordered by Bulgaria to the south, Serbia

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