Rome, which in ancient times was able to impose its will on the whole Mediterranean world, now operates almost universal attraction for tourists worldwide. The cultural wealth of this city is such that the Italian capital resembles more a place open air museum as a great European metropolis. Welcome to the 'Eternal City'. Rome has had a great influence on the world for over 2500 years. It was once the center of the mighty Roman Empire, including a vast region that stretched from Britain to Mesopotamia. In the historic center, witness of Roman greatness through the ages are everywhere, with prestigious palaces, churches and basilicas, impressive Roman ruins, statues and fountains. The city is bisected by the Tiber, and on each bank the most exceptional monuments surprise visitors: the Colosseum to the incredible dimensions, the Pantheon, the Forum, the historical center has been listed by UNESCO. Lovers of ancient relics and architectural heritage feast. and even the most resistant can only be impressed by the wealth that has kept Rome. Rome is also the capital of Catholic spirituality: the city includes within the boundaries of the city-state of the Vatican, where crowds flock to St. Peter's Square to admire the Sistine Chapel, visit the Vatican Museums or attend a papal appearance. More prosaically, Rome is a city of fashion, and shopping enthusiasts will find their heart's content at the foot of the Piazza Spagna and the famous steps: the opportunity to ask a little and digest the countless riches which contain this city. Travel to Rome: the unavoidable The timeless city of Rome draws visitors from around the world, discover the remains of antiquity, the masterpieces of the Renaissance, the exuberance of Mannerism and Baroque. and do not forget to enjoy the Italian life and cuisine. From the Pantheon, walk the streets in the loop of the Tiber: on Piazza Navona visit the Chiesa Santo Agnese, and the Chiesa Nuova, get off at the Palazzo Farnese and Palazzo Spada. Do not miss the Campo de Fiori especially on market days, visit San Andrea della Valle. In directing you to the monument to Victor Emmanuel, visit the church of the Gesù and admire the magnificent ceiling. Continue on to join the Roman Forum> Colosseum. Go up towards the Quirinale, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Palazzo Barberini, do not miss Vatican. The Vatican, visit St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, go up on the roof to stunning views of Rome and visit the Vatican museums. Finally, do not miss strolling through the picturesque streets of Trastevere friendly. Visit the Emperors Rome Rome is a city to the immense artistic heritage. the Eternal City can be visited by following thematic courses. Among them,

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