Nice little piece of land in Iceland, Reykjavik gives the impression that is at the limit of the world! Exotic but charming, this city is a place to discover and experience with all his soul. For the beauty of its setting but also for its history and the friendliness of its people. Things to see and do in Reykjavik: If you are told that the sun never sets on Reykjavik in the summer, you understand immediately that the atmosphere is guaranteed throughout the summer. We must also know that this city is a musician at heart and this is detected in each lane of the Icelandic capital. Reykjavik under the sign of music: the capital of Iceland is a city where the party we love to do. We can assist in the street singing at shows without forgetting that the summer outdoor concerts are held. A tradition that people do in the evening bar-hopping to drink and party, this is called the pöbbarölt. These bars like Jacobsen or Rosenberg, host concerts professionals but also amateurs who have a lot of talent. Reykjavik under the sign of nature live under the sign of music does not mean that we do not give importance to nature! The back of the country is home to the most beautiful moors that can be crossed. Farms, animals and dormant craters make this land radish hikers but also artists who do not miss an opportunity to paint such beautiful scenery or take pictures. Among the elements of nature to discover: Gullfoss waterfall, or the geyser, boiling water gushing from the ground. Events and traditions: Steam baths are a tradition in Iceland. Vapors escaping from the earth. With this gift of nat