Quiberon is just the tip of the peninsula of the same name, in the Morbihan. The town saw its fishing activity, since the auction in Port Maria to the fish canning factories, but also tourism: ferries vacationers embark towards Belle Ile, Houat and Hoëdic from Quiberon, which then serves as a simple step. However, it would be a shame not to linger a minimum, the time to take the pulse of this friendly town and enjoy the surroundings: sandy beaches, rugged coastline, the peninsula offers a fine introduction to the marine world. Things to see and do in Quiberon La Côte Sauvage: West Coast, the Quiberon peninsula is rocky, battered relentlessly by the spray of the Atlantic ... the natural scenery is beautiful! Beaches: the tip of Conguel in Saint-Pierre Quiberon, a succession of beautiful sandy beaches where the atmosphere is typically Breton. Excursion to the islands: nothing simpler than to depart for the Morbihan islands, off Quiberon. Enjoy the sea: the beaches and sea are the pretext for all sorts of activities: swimming, sailing and windsurfing, canoeing or boating from the Haliguen port. Thalasso Quiberon has a large spa center, ideal for a fitness weekend. culinary and gastronomy Port sardine matter, Quiberon is known for its canning: only two are in business today, and the Quiberonnaise Belle Iloise. Sea products therefore have the spotlight, but have still not dethroned Breton galettes, which are used in the many pancake houses Quiberon. Or sleep ? 2 to 4 stars, Quiberon

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