Quebec gives the illusion of infinity and it is not wrong. We like to discover the vastness of its landscapes but do not forget that Quebec also offers many cultural attractions to discover! Things to see and do in Quebec: Quebec is home to many interesting sights to discover the most famous of which are: - The Ice Hotel Quebec: every winter, one can see in Quebec the unusual! This is the case of this hotel built of ice where it is possible to stay and vacation. Every year, the ice hotel opens until late March. In addition to being built of snow, it houses beautiful decorations made of ice. What is amazing with this hotel that is that every year it is getting a facelift. In real museum, it is not necessary to live there to visit but the visit is not free. Address: 9530, rue de la Faune, Charlesbourg - Tel: 1-418-627-8008. - Fortifications of Québec: the massive fortifications surround the old town. They are classified as World Heritage of UNESCO that is to tell you the beauty of the place. One tip, ask the services of a guide who will show you the wealth of this old town without forgetting the view that s' offer to you on the St. Lawrence River. Main events: Quebec is known for its traditional arts and this awareness to remain rooted in the traditions and authenticity. Among them, the circus arts and street have a very big place. We often have the impression that the biggest circus schools come to us from Europe or Asia. Yet the circus of the sun if known comes from Quebec. Several troops were created including new generations of circus, called & laquo; traveling circus & raquo ;. If you are passing in Quebec, go to Tohu, the Circus Arts City to visit this institution. The corners where to sleep: Quebec provides an interesting housing system where the tourist will have the choice in terms of prices, comf

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