A small port with colorful houses touching the Mediterranean sea in the harbor which peacefully moored some ships rocked by the waves ... this is the idyllic vision offered Portofino Italian village at the tip of the tip of the same name, about thirty kilometers south of Genoa. Extremely well maintained, Portofino has a reputation for attracting the beautiful people (some big names can stay), maintaining one side '' select '' 'despite a relatively large influx of tourists, especially in summer. Portofino charms are well established, below wooded hills that overlooks the castle and the church of San Giorgio. Beyond the promontory is protected by a natural national park, crossed paths, ensuring pleasant nature walks. Holiday in Portofino. Portofino is a small harbor in the Liguria region of Italy, it perfectly matches the image that can be the small Italian port; bathed in sunshine, colorful, live, life here flows gently between arrival of small fishing boats and aperitifs at sidewalk cafes. Another aspect of Portofino is plugged his side is a little Italian St Trop, there eg several fashion shops of famous designers. The main historical site to visit is the castle of Portofino, a 16th century castle reconverted into a museum and offering fantastic views of the harbor and the sea. Around Portofino there are some beautiful beaches, in addition, you can also visit Bay of San Fruttuoso which can only reach by sea. regarding accommodation, there are several good hotels in Portofino, all are at distance

Vidéo baie et village de Portofino