Porto Rico

Puerto Rico Another island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is one of the favorite destinations of American tourists: the latter almost feel at home on this island that tends to become the 51st state of the USA! Far from the political, Puerto Rico offers visitors beautiful beaches, historical heritage, but also mountains and tropical forests in the land: an attractive program. Things to see and do: Puerto Rico's best general, beaches, translucent and with hot water, sun, palm trees and sand. Kayaking, boating, fishing and diving to care. The discovery of the heritage cities, with first leader, the old town of https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/san-juan San Juan, the capital, classified by Unesco. Hiking in the woods and on the summits of Puerto Rico (highest point 1,338 meters). Specialty restaurants and a kitchen where Hispanic influences to islands mingle; lots of fish and seafood a la carte, pork and chicken also. Fast food at the chic restaurant, the range is wide, the price almost equivalent to what is done in the United States. Where to stay? As for restaurants, the prices are quite high, Puerto Rico is not a cheap destination for accommodation in hotels, B & amp; B and the major tourist resorts. Alternatives for small budgets: hostels and campsites. Climate Average temperature: 26 ° C! Time is equal throughout the year, but attention to the risk of cyclones between June and October. Note also that it is much cooler in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Travel Advice In high season it is a bit the tourist invasion, in hotels and on the beaches, we almost miss place! Shift dates to be quiet. Identity P