Halfway between https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/lorient Lorient and Quimper, Pont-Aven is one of many charming towns of Finistère; charm has not left unaffected several great painters, including Gauguin, to the point that we speak of the Pont-Aven School! The village and its harbor have lost none of their cachet: Pont-Aven is a step not to miss in the area, and some even choose to settle there for the duration of their vacation ... To see and do in Pont-Aven first, a nice stroll in Pont-Aven, the city of 14 mills and 15 houses! Place then to that which is also nicknamed the city of painters, with a must visit the Museum of Fine Arts. A program that will fill many a day. With more time, it also explores the area, management https://www.cityzeum.com/nizon Nizon and the lovely Breton countryside. Or sleep ? There are some https://www.cityzeum.com/hotels-locations/pont-aven hotels in Pont-Aven, mainly classified from two to four stars; not all are open all year. Feel free to find your accommodation in and around Pont-Aven among the many B & Bs, campgrounds or vacation rentals. In season, take the time to book a time in advance, Pont-Aven welcomes the world! Cuisine and restaurants of Pont-Aven is located a little of everything in Pont-Aven, even if it seems difficult to miss one of pancake houses of the city, the great specialty of Brittany course. Several places also serve traditional or gourmet cuisine. Identity Population: 3000 inhabitants Area: Finistère PCode