Playa del Carmen

The Central America offers visitors scenery breathtaking. The holiday in this little corner of paradise direct result of the most beautiful dreams that may exist. Mexico is home to beautiful cities, mostly concentrated on the coast, they all offer sandy beaches and Latin evenings until dawn. Weather set fair, heavenly beaches of sight, agitated evening until morning: welcome to Playa Del Carmen, this resort located on the Caribbean Sea. Things to see and do in Playa Del Carmen Playa Del Carmen is a resort destination in itself, water activities are highly developed: from windsurfing to the watercraft. Sea fishing there is also developed, as well as diving through coral reefs. On historical sites, Playa Del Carmen itself does not contain, but trips are organized on the sites closest, about fifty km from Playa. Indeed, around the city still retain traces of one of the oldest civilizations in the world: the Maya civilization, known for its impressive buildings. Immerse yourself in the golden age - Tulum, located 60 km from Playa Del Carmen, this site is the only one among his peers to be directly on of the sea. You can live a moment of glory in Maya overlooking the entire Gulf of Mexico. Do not forget your cameras! Even more Maya monuments but this time in the midst of a wild jungle, live hours in Indiana Jones by digging your way to Coba. - Coba: two hours seulemen

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