The Piedmont region is divided into two large natural: to the north, the Alps brand high border between France and Italy, however, crossing some passes and passages used for a long time, allowing connections, commerce, and sometimes invasions between the two regions. Its peaks flow the streams that give rise to the river Po, which crosses the Piedmont plains, in its southern part. Piedmont is dotted with towns of medium size, each participant recognized the wealth of the region. The capital, Turin, certainly attracts the largest number of visitors, despite its industrial past: the city home and the headquarters of Fiat. Its architectural heritage class to its regional neighbors, and we also note the legacies castles former duchy of Savoy. Piedmont is also home to some stations https://www.cityzeum.com/guide/ski-dans-les-alpes-1762 alpine skiing, but also one of the great Italian lakes, the beautiful https://www.cityzeum.com / the-lake-major-7750 Lake Maggiore. Holiday at Lake Maggiore in Piedmont. Lake Maggiore is the longest of the Italian Lakes with its 65 km long. Of Borromeo Bay between Stresa and Verbania, is blessed with three islands known as the Borromean Islands. These islands are not to be missed during a visit to Lake Maggiore. Isola Bella is known for its baroque palace. Isola Pescatori for its small picturesque fishing harbor, Isola Madre and its gardens. Ferries provide connections between the islands, every day during the summer. You can visit the 3 islands easily in one day

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