You have always aspired to pack your bags and go to Thailand? Know that there is no easier especially with the offers that come every day. When you will tour the kingdom, it goes without saying that you must go through Phuket which is south of the country and that embraces the island of the same name. Things to see and do in Phuket: This city combines authentic charm (temples), idyllic scenery and is famous for its night parties on the beaches, here are some places not to miss: - Siray Island: This small island still very wild, is a few kilometers east of Phuket and is separated from the mainland by a channel which is accessed via a bridge. The hills abound offer beautiful landscapes of the sea - Wat Chalong. It is the most famous Buddhist temple in the city. It is erected in memory of two monks, Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang. At the beginning of February each year, held a celebration that honors them. On this occasion, small displays are highlighted in the temple grounds. Every night during this period, thousands of Thai invest there. - Saphan Hin is a district along the sea It is the only Phuket Town area bordered by the sea, but contrary to what you might think, there is no beach as it is muddy and unfit. swimming. These are the athletes who will be satisfied because Saphan Hin houses a fitness center, large playground and the main boxing stadium of the island. - Golf: Golfers Friends, get your clubs! Here are 4 golf courses available on the island where countless ponds are scattered throughout the course. Rental of clubs, shoes, and shopping carts is available on site for cheap. A bucket of 50 golf balls costs about € 1. Golf is open from 8 am to 22 he