In this Southeast Asia which the sea is dotted with countless islands, the Philippines does not occupy less space as they consist of over 7,000 islands grouped north of Indonesia. Among the largest of them, Luzon hosting the capital, Manila. Country tropical, warm and humid climate, many islands are covered with thick forests, and are also generally of volcanic origin, which sometimes marked reliefs slopes have been worked by man for centuries develop large rice fields. Asian countries, the Philippines is nonetheless heavily influenced by Western culture, due to the successive occupations of the Spanish, then the United States. This is one of the few Christian in the region dominated states. Islands in the exuberant nature and beautiful beaches, it's basically what the Philippines can offer tourists happy. What base from the Philippines? Once we have paid enough to pay for his plane ticket, which represents the biggest expense of a trip to the Philippines, one quickly realizes that this country is a cheap destination, where even small budgets will not need to tighten the belt. Many all-inclusive stays are offered to the Philippines: practical, they offer the advantage of including flight and hotel at competitive prices, and often revolve around a favorite theme (island excursions, hiking and often diving). But it is also possible to do without such a framework and to travel on her own to P