Petite suisse luxembourgeoise

The Mullerthal, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland Luxembourg's Little Switzerland (the Mullerthal region) refers to a small region of eastern Duchy of Luxembourg If you like green pastures, forests and rivers, quaint villages, picturesque scenery and rolling countryside, you find the next place for your holiday! Little Switzerland proves an ideal destination for fresh air and being green: the only major city, Echternach quiet, do not collect more than 5,000 inhabitants ... the rest of Mullerthal is a country deeply rural and charming. Things to see and do in Little Switzerland Multiple activities and outdoor sports are available in the area: many hiking trails, mountain biking and cycling, climbing, horse riding, water sports, fishing, golf ... Several steps in small towns and villages are to remember: Echternach, Beaufort, Larochette, Girsterklaus ... with churches, abbeys, castles and some museums, the circuit is fast becoming cultural! Or sleep ? Little Switzerland has a varied offer of accommodation and quality overall. Prices are those of Luxembourg, therefore rather high. The hotel range includes various facilities, the 5-star luxury in the simple country inn. Campsites, numerous and well-equipped, are relatively economical. There is still the guesthouses, the villas and rentals (apartments, chalets) for longer stays ... Cuisine and Gastronomy The Little Switzerland is synonymous with rich soils: sausage, meat, cured meats, but also honey and liqueurs ... to discover the bonn