In southern Languedoc-Roussillon, Perpignan is the last major town before Spain, and it shows: we enter here in Catalonia, we suggest the architecture of the city, local accents, gastronomy, festivities and traditions still alive ... Perpignan Discover Perpignan, prefecture of the Eastern Pyrenees in the Languedoc-Roussillon and most Catalan French cities. She enjoyed his finest hours between 1276 and 1344, when she became continental capital of the Kingdom of Majorca. It is at this time that are built the two main monuments, the Palace of the Kings of Majorca and St. John the Baptist Cathedral. Also enjoy your visit to sample local flavors as was ioli, the gambas a la planxa, the crema catalana, the bullinada ... to see and do in Perpignan In a short stop, focus the historical heritage of the city center: the architecture of Perpignan was influenced by Spanish architecture and Catalan. The finest examples of this dual influence are: The Castillet, the old prison, today a small Catalan museum of arts and traditions populaires.Le Palace of the Kings of Majorca, a palace-fortress dating from the fourteenth century.The Lodge sea, an ancient trade and maritime jurisdiction, built in the Gothic style, built in 1397, remodeled and enlarged in the sixteenth siècle.L'hôtel city fourteenth century.The convent and founded in 1250 by order of Charles

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