A city whose global burden continues to weigh ever more! Peking (Beijing), and excessive capital metropolis, is often the first step of any journey in '' the Middle Kingdom ''. Modern and experiencing a rapid development, Beijing also focuses a heritage of extraordinary depth, open witness of Chinese history. One tip, do not plan a lightning stopover to visit Beijing, but several days to take the time to soak up the atmosphere of this city unparalleled. Beijing, the city also InterditeRarement an ancient city that Beijing appears well positioned for the future: the Chinese capital combines eras between the imperial past and entry into the global economy. Certainly slight decline economically than the two other giants Hong Kong and Shanghai, Beijing clearly dominates in terms of politics and culture, which is why the city is the favorite destination for tourists. These are served, Beijing offers world famous with strong history sites, including Tiananmen Square, where the foundation of the People's Republic of China, the legendary Forbidden City, the imperial palace, and the equally mythical Great Wall. These are just three of the most famous sites of Beijing, which must be added the constant discovery of the specifics of the Chinese culture, open to the world for little in comparison to his seniority. Things to see and do: the unavoidable The