A small entirely flat territory, is expanding through conquest of the sea (the famous polders), the Netherlands have long turned to the outside and are distinguished for their tolerance and openness. If Amsterdam is a landmark destination for a weekend, the rest of the country, it is a little left out; Certainly, the capital is a good taste of culture and history of the Netherlands, but there is no doubt that the rest of the country deserves attention just as passionate. The Netherlands are just that: they are among the countries with lower world altitudes, a quarter of its territory which is even below the sea level had to do something to enlarge the territory, and. Dutch are masters in the art of reclaiming land from the sea by building many polders on the coast. It is s' not surprised therefore the importance of the use of polders to make the surface of the waters and marshes, as is the case for example in major cities, Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam, the capital, and exotic destination easily accessible from France. By digging into the inland provinces, we are astonished at the absence of terrain: flat to another country! Only the region of Limburg deign to present a beautiful rolling countryside, barely exceeding 300 meters. Things to see and do: the best of the Netherlands in Amsterdam known for its outstanding historical, exceptional museums, its canals, its animation continues day and night. the leading destination in the country, on everyone's lips for a cultural city trip / festive. But the Netherlands is not only summed up their capital. Many cities also have a beautiful historical center, like the walled city of Utrecht was a time the most important city of the country and includes several medieval structures, as well as many channels as in Amsterdam. Maastricht is a beautiful city and claims to be the oldest city in the Netherlands. Its old center is EFFEC

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