Pattaya is the dazzling success of tourism in Thailand, but even more the excesses of uncontrolled mass tourism. In 1960, Pattaya was a fishing village. It was only in the 1980s that tourists start attending this lovely bay, then this is the avalanche: the resort grows, Tha ilandais looking for revenues come running across the country, and visitors internationalize. Large deemed polluted beach, waterfront on-landscaped, seaside pursuits galore, bars, clubs, prostitution ... Pattaya's reputation suffers much of his shady activities, even if steps are taken to try to change the image a station which has the advantage of being located close to Bangkok, the capital. Thailand holiday getaway in Pattaya This Thai resort is situated in the province of Chomburi. For twenty years, she has built a strong reputation popular tourist destination. Its proximity to the city of Bangkok, which lies less than 150 km, ensures him an annual wave of tourists eager to unwind cheaply. Pattaya is indeed a paradise destination is mostly welcoming. Taking a flight to Bangkok, it takes an average of 500 euros for a return ticket from Paris. This average price is found in low season when tickets are the cheapest. Once in Bangkok, just take a bus to connect Pattaya.Consciente its tourism potential, this seaside city has directed its activities toward a cosmopolitan. His famous Beach