Patagonie Patagonia is the name given to a wide region including all the southern cone of South America. This land, split between the territories of Chile and Argentina, is a dream of many travelers long for the exceptional landscapes that coordinate from the Andes to the the-land-of-fire-12748 Tierra del Fuego: pampas, mountains and glaciers, lakes, forests and southern lands taken under the ice ... A true end of the world, these large areas remain little populated, while large -alerces-8946 national parks allow saving a remarkable natural heritage. Ushuaia, the largest city in the extreme south, is the last inhabited place before a string of islands that dot to the mythical Cape Horn, known browsers to the capricious nature of its weather. The diversity and wealth of a region such as Patagonia are difficult to describe in a few lines, but one thing is certain, the myth of this earth joined indeed reality.

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