In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 40 kilometers south of Lille, Lens is an old industrial city tour especially to the mining, the origin of large black heaps. This activity s' faltered and was stopped in 1990, pushing the city to conversion. Lens suffered greatly during the two world wars of the twentieth century, particularly during the first war in which the city was almost completely shaved. One of the prides of the city today is its football club, Racing Club de Lens. Known for being a major urban center of the mining area of ??Pas-de-Calais Lens has long been a small town built on an ancient Roman castrum. It is with the discovery of coal in the late nineteenth century Lens knows an impressive population growth. The city, however, paid a heavy tribute to the First World War and it's the Between the two wars that saw the peak of the industrial and economic activity of the municipality. Carbon chemistry and metallurgy then generate many jobs. Classified as historical monuments, railway station and the trade union house miners back to this time. Dependent on her industry has done born as a big city, Lens undergoes stronger crises, and the conversion is all the more difficult that before the modern era, the municipality generated very little activity economic. The popular fervor that accompanies the city's football team made the stadium Felix Bollaert a sensitive symbol and the main monument c

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