Panama does boils course not only to its channel, but the country remains a tourist destination relatively marginalized. And that's a shame because this country has beautiful coastlines, a mountainous hinterland covered by forest area, a lively and mixed race inhabitants culture. During your stay, take the opportunity to meet local people. Histories and cultures of Panama The territory of Panama is the place where the Central American Isthmus is the narrowest between Costa Rica and Colombia. This highly strategic position in Panama has earned many years of political turmoil, issue of the interests of great powers for control of a major part of world maritime trade: 12748 Panama canal. Completed in 1914, this passage dug through the earth has a prime time savings, allowing not to merchant ships having to work around a continent, to instead go through it! This channel is an important source of income for the country (who do take direct control in 1979), which has consolidated its economy around this activity. Panama is a country emerging in the world of tourism. In less than a week, you can enjoy two oceans, a warm and constant climate all year round, exploring the rainforest, observing flora and fauna particularly diverse, meet indigenous tribes and take the pace of urban life anim & eacu