On the legendary Silk Road, Uzbekistan is a dream many travelers, curious about these distant wonders ... Central Asian former Soviet republic, Uzbekistan has long stayed out of the tour; Even today, the country is far from the holiday destination in the mode, which does not prevent some to undertake this exciting journey to the East. Must Uzbekistan The country is full of architectural treasures like beautiful natural landscapes. The typical itinerary is to cross the country, stopping in each historic city, the capital Tashkent, Khiva and heritage listed by UNESCO, Bukhara and sumptuous religious buildings, Samarkand finally, where remain the architectural grandeur of Tamerlane .. . climate and geography Countries mainly composed of mountains and desert plains, the climate in Uzbekistan is continental, with distinct seasons: summer, the mercury rises high and it can be very hot, in winter the contrary, attention to the thermometer which blithely goes below 0 ° C! So, spring and autumn seem the best time to travel to Uzbekistan. Travel advice: Uzbekistan is a safe destination overall, where mistrust will be on the eternal pickpockets in the city but also the corrupt police officers wishing to supplement their months thanks to you ... The border areas , especially in the mountains, are unsafe and not recommended for tourists; visit the http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/ Foreign Ministry for an updated safety tips in Uzbekistan. Identity Population: about 28 million Currency: Uzbek sum Language: Uzbek, ru