Almost resort, flying hair and feet in water, invites you to Ostende blue tinted travel but never of blues. inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, it will offer a pearly variety of exhibitions and fill your nets of activities for the whole family. Let yourself be lulled by the singing of this city that will charm you. Visit Ostend One of the great seaside resorts of Belgium, Ostend waterfront has not always known these modern look enhanced by its many buildings from the architecture of 50-60 years ... At the time when the sea ??bathing became a fashion in the nineteenth, Ostend and its great beach was the first to welcome swimmers in the country. The Belgian royal family became infatuated person of the Flemish city, which became a posh resort, villas and Belle Epoque architecture were the pleasant consequences. Unfortunately Ostend kept only few examples of this seaside heritage, gradually replaced by more structures to accommodate a growing tourist flow in the second half of the twentieth century. The beach, she always extends out of sight, long stretch of sand that borders the fresh waters of the Channel. Things to see and do in Ostend The main tourist attractions of Ostend, except large beach and promenade are the home of James Ensor, the house where the Anglo-Belgian artist lived