In western Peloponnese https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/peloponnese, finely large peninsula attached to the mainland Greece Olympia is neither more nor less than the ancestor of current website Olympics, including major cities the world snapped the organization; This is where the flame is lit before beginning his journey. In Ancient Greece, Olympia was not a city but a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, king of the gods of the Greek pantheon. The archaeological remains found in Olympia are among the most important in Greece: as often, there is generally little more than a series of ruins, and a little imagination is required to view as a whole the temples of Zeus and Hera and various sports facilities, gymnasium and palaestra. Fortunately, the museum of Olympia comes to the rescue with reconstructions. In any case, remains a major Olympia Archaeological Site of antiquity. Video of Olympia site ... read more