Normandy has many advantages that make it one of the major French tourist destinations. The main attractions of Normandy? There's wild coastline and preserved with the chalk cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, its wide sandy beaches, via the Cap de la Hague, numerous nature reserves, without forgetting its famous seaside resorts. History of Normandy, cultures and traditions During World War II, Normandy was one of the starting points of the conquest of Europe by the Allies, ending the German occupation. June 6, 1944 was launched the great landed on several beaches of Calvados and Manche. The memory of the battle is everywhere in Normandy, especially with many large military cemeteries, blockhouses, museums, whose great Caen Memorial. Eight chronological journey can discover places full of history and to understand the progress of this gigantic battle. Normandy is a former French province. Today it is divided into three regions are named in sharing: Upper Normandy and the two regions of Lower Normandy and the Duchy of Normandy, consisting of Jersey and Guernsey. The latter is dependent on the crown of Great Britain. Normandy, a tourist jewel of Normandy HexagoneLa teeming with tourist attractions just as pleasant as each other. There is so much to see and do in the different regions of the & laquo; north country men & raquo; that no visitor is likely to s' bored during his stay Norman. The discovery of the diverse landscapes of Normandy is a real wonder: Norman natural heritage is a treasure in itself. Norman lands consist of various and varied landscape, marshes, groves and obviously many kilometers of coastline ..; Regional parks: the Perche, Normandy - Maine, loops of the Seine Normandy and marshes of Cotentin and Bessin are natural sites to discover. Furthermore, leisure and sports activities

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