Niagara Falls

You may be disappointed to learn that the famous Niagara Falls is not lost in the middle of a wild, but flanked by two urban entities almost twins, both named Niagara Falls, one of the two cities is Canadian side, in Ontario, the other American side in the NY! Well, do not spoil our fun so far, the site remains beautiful, with these impressive falls not for their height, but for their width ... to see and do in Niagara Falls Visit the course falls! Adjustments (too present?) And trails are planned to approach the dreadful rate, as it is possible to board shuttles to approach the falls from another angle. Do not hesitate to watch the US side and the Canadian side site for a complete experience. At night, highlighting worth a glance. Climate and seasons: from when? It's been in the flow of the falls is the lowest ... otherwise, Niagara Falls can be visited all year. Anyway, as a tourist place, there is always the world! Accommodation: where to stay? Rooms with views of the falls are obviously very popular ... There are many US side hotels side as Canada, you see. The range is wide, from simple to very cheap hostel 4 stars much more comfortable. Alternatives? B & amp; B, motels or an apartment rental ... In any case, book your accommodation in advance! Identity: Niagara Falls, USA Population: about 55,000 inhabitants State: New York Useful Links the city of Niagara Falls USA Site of http: //www.niagar