Real modern city, New York has taken up residence in the continent of the New World. It has grown steadily since, and brews a "melting pot" impressive: Little Italy, passing through Greenwich Village, Chinatown, the Bronx or Harlem. In short, should a lifetime to be familiar with New York, but nothing prevents to dedicate a short stay. In addition to the different neighborhoods, the main attractions are: a visit to Manhattan by walking its buildings of forest nose in the air ( Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Ground Zero) . a ride to the statue of Liberty, a relaxing day in Central Park, a visit to MOMA a small York new ballad you tried Then, follow the guide of New York History:? cultures and traditions New York is a global city much more international than American. one can hear hundreds of different languages. to give you an idea, know for example that half of New Yorkers speak a language other than English at home . the trend is community group, and whole neighborhoods were formed according to geographical or cultural origins. Italy (Little Italy), Chinese (Chinatown), Puerto Rican (Harlem) Discover New York or "the American Dream" visagesL miles to the evocation of the same name in New York causes euphoria and excitement! It is the city of all desires. Symbolized by the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, the American metropolis holds many surprises. You will not that be fascinated by these skyscrapers littering the streets of New York as the famous Flatiron for its somewhat special form. If you are in New York for the Christmas holidays, Rockefeller Center becomes a must with its tree-of-Noel, faithful to the rendezvous for nearly 80 years. With masterpieces of architectural work, Central Park, Times Square are also part of the identities of the Big Apple; but not just because there is also art and culture: a different side of the city. We invite you to experience this culture through theaters of Broadway, jazz evenings in clubs and various events. Details of the New York culture, you would be delivered in museums, if only referred to the Museum of Modern Art commonly known as the MoMa and Metropolitan Museum Of Art. New York but it's also the Street Food seems seduce all layers of the population and the thousands of tourists passing through. Namely: By the way since that note speaks street, know that smoking in public places is banned in the city. Things to see and do in New York: the inevitable New York City consists of large districts with a unique culture and can be regarded as cities full. Starting with Manhattan, which supports many mythical areas like Times Square, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho. Continue our sightseeing district of New York and ask us for a moment in the Bronx, another well-known neighborhood. This one is located north of Manhattan, the Bronx has a strong character and warm neighborhood reputation has not always been usurped. It is the birthplace of hip-hop and home to one of the most legendary professional baseball teams in the country, the New York Yankees, also known as the "Bronx Bombers." The 5 major district of New York New York City consists of five major boroughs with a unique culture and cities can be regarded as in itself. Manhattan: the famous island between the Hudson and the East River. There are d

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