Quietly situated on the Loire, Nevers is not much talked about. Small town a little lost in the middle of rural Burgundy, Nevers has an unsuspected historical heritage, to discover in the historic center and on the river banks, and also relies on his craft (the famous faience Nevers) and his country, Nivernais, a country rich soils ... to see and do in Nevers Walk around the historic center to discover the interesting heritage of Nevers: the ducal palace, the cathedral St. Cyr and St. Julitta, gothic, the Saint-Etienne-de-nevers Saint-Etienne Romanesque church, the remains of the medieval walls, and, in a more recent note, the Sainte-Bernadette space where rests Bernadette Soubirous, witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Lourdes ... a place of pilgrimage! Around Nevers, countryside and greenery: walk on the Loire trails, walking and cycling, river tourism, fishing ... what a breath of fresh air. About fifty kilometers away, the regional park of Morvan. culinary specialties include Nevers, that the passage lies at the confluence of the Loire and Nièvre, river fish are present: carp, pike, salmon Loire, fry ... Add to that some land products, Charolais beef, but also wines (Burgundy oblige!), Pouilly, Coteaux du Giennois or Charitois. Not to mention the sweets: the Negus, nougatine, the Morvandiau hat, Petit Marinier, etc ... Identity Population: about 37,000 inhabitants Department: Nièvre ZIP code: 58000 links Site of