This is one of the most popular regions of France for a holiday, summer Morbihan is overrun by tourists came in search of beautiful green landscapes and its very rugged coastline where you can find many small beaches with crystal clear waters. The Morbihan also has a rich heritage and a marked identity, with beautiful medieval cities and amazing natural sites. Things to see and do in Brittany: the inevitable. In the Morbihan region, you will find a bit off four magnificent, Houat, Hoedic, Belle-Ile-en-Mer and just in front of Lorient, Groix. In the interior, the Morbihan is full of amazing and unusual sites; medieval cities, menhirs, natural, legendary forests .... History of Morbihan, cultures and traditions. Morbihan is named after the Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany name means little sea, mor, sea, and bihan small, as opposed to arms mor 'great sea' which designates the ocean. Of all the departments of Brittany is the only one who made a name of Breton terms. Key events in Morbihan. The main event in the Morbihan is the inter-Celtic festival in Lorient. It takes place every year since 1971. As the name suggests, it brings together groups of countries and regions of Celtic origin: Asturias, Brittany, Cornwall, Scotland, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales .. . Each year a guest country is honored. The next festival will take place from 3 to 12 August 2012. Climate and geography

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