Tourist city par excellence, Montpellier gives its visitors the feeling that time has no longer concepts. A historical legacy, a bounty of nature make this destination the perfect place for the whole family, that one is in search of a cultural touch or just to relax, Montpellier offers an indispensable treat for all budgets. Things to see and do in Montpellier: visit starts with a touch of architecture. Because it is unlikely to go to Montpellier without discovering it, it's St. Pierre Cathedral. St. Peter's Cathedral: it is an ancient Benedictine chapel that was built in the fourteenth century. Today, one can visit and discover the wonders like the porch canopy impressive for its size but also because of its construction. Imagine that it is supported by huge circular piles of 4.55 m in diameter. The Southern Gothic architecture leaves an impression on the Montpellier artistic life of the seventeenth century. Getting there: 6 bis rue de l'Abbé Marcel Montels. The visit is free. The Fabre Museum: It is one of the most famous museums in France. Imagine the treasure that awaits visitors through galleries. It is a journey through the centuries that is undertaken. It was created by the child of François-Xavier Fabre country in 1825. For about 6 & euro ;, we can discover the permanent collections, but also temporary exhibitions. Aresquiers beach: it is surely one of the most beautiful secluded beaches of the coast of the Hérault. today protected area, one can see the ruins of old barracks, but especially enjoy nature; the setting is quiet and really relaxing. Nature is crude and can find themselves with oneself. It is the ideal place for all nature lovers. The main events: In late October and early November, is held the International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema.