Prefecture of the Landes, on the edge of the pine forest, Mont-de-Marsan is nicknamed the city of three rivers: in fact, the rivers of the Twelve of the Midou to join in the city to form the Midouze. Mont-de-Marsan is not a tourist destination particularly run, and is best known for its air base 118 established in 1946. In the south, Mont de Marsan is a small town in the interior of the region Aquitaine: the situation of Mount Marsan is interesting in that it is located at the edge of the vast Landes forest, at the beginning of the great agricultural regions that begin more South. Located at the confluence of three rivers (two rivers over join to form a third), Mont de Marsan was a medieval city of importance, founded in the twelfth century; the city and includes some vestiges of its past, from the buildings dating back to its origins, as the walls or the Romanesque houses the center, then those testifying to its development, with the Lacataye keep (XV). More recently, since built in the nineteenth century, the Church of the Madeleine has a neo-classical religious architecture interesting. Visit immediately Mont de Marsan Landes First fortified city, nestled in extensive pine woods, Mont de Marsan is the fruit of the union of the Midou and the Twelve. A unique charm await you! Stroll the waterfront and take the path of Jean Rameau garden through its various ore washing plants and majestic aqueducts. Within the city, the flourishing cultural heritage, you will love the mus