Close to the border with the Flemish Belgium, Monschau (Montjoie in French) is located a few kilometers south of Aachen, another city ??heritage. City spared during World War II, Monschau took advantage of this wealth preserving its medieval-looking, especially in the city center ... a charming and interesting stage! Montjoie Monschau and its historical heritage (Monshau in German) is located south of Aachen in the narrow valley of the river Roer. Unlike many other German cities, the historic center of the eighteenth century was not destroyed during World War II and today it explains its success with tourists. Moreover, this city is famous historically as more than 200 of its buildings have been classified. Besides its beautiful center with its half-timbered houses (the most famous being the red house of the Scheibler family, now a museum on the production of sheets.), The other attraction of Monshau is its castle overlooking the city, dating from the thirteenth century. There is also a small museum of the Brewery and printing. In the summer swimming in the Rur is also a very popular pastime. Monschau has a few hotels, small hotel without the star boutique hotel through the intermediate categories. You can also find guesthouses, campsites and cottages of