Monastir is a coastal town beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is part of the Sahel of Tunisia. If you plan to go by plane 2-hour and a half from Paris. Things to see and do in Monastir The city of Monastir is one of the most tourist destinations in Tunisia. It is home to many attractions that deserve your attention such as: -The Kuriat islands: These are two islands two kilometers from each other. Excursions are organized from 9 am to 16h costing between 10 and 20 €. On the smaller island, you are entitled to a barbecue and a festive atmosphere and then you can digest your meal by trying the little adventure heading to another island on foot, in the true sense because the level water is quite low. -The Marina: This is a Plaisance port that is also the starting point for Kuriat islands and other destinations. The port is surrounded by a sumptuous hotel apartment where you will find all the comfort you dream and you will be enchanted by the beauty of the place. -Museum Of Traditional Costume: you will discover a host of traditional clothes mainly ceremonial and colorful. These costumes are from all corners of Tunisia and trace the clothing traditions over the years. It is open every day except Monday, from 9am to 13pm and from 15h to 19h. The entrance is less than 1 euro. -The Medina: you dive into another world where artisans, markets, ancient alleys and doors will seduce you. The corners where to sleep: the hotels in Tunisia and in particular in Monastir offer exceptional prices for tourists. Here as examples of high-end hotels, the cost of the night is to