Some Miami is the most modern evolution of world metropolises, fully dedicated to the service sector city, giving prominence to the financial world, trade and tourism. The different districts of Miami have varied faces of Downtown with its concentration of buildings, avenues or mall devoted to shopping, through the residential areas of Midtown, where the constant buzz of Miami Beach is famous worldwide! If discover Miami Miami seems to be built on the basis of recreation, we must admit that the context lends itself to these tropical latitudes: its position near the tip of Florida opened its port doors of the Caribbean Sea and its islands, and then to South America. Miami is also known to be an important country of immigration, including Cuba (hence the Little Havana), which adds a mixed character to the city. In the other direction, the Port of Miami is an important starting point for many cruise ships. Furthermore, the Latin American culture is ingrained. Between Hispanic culture and Cuban culture, you will very quickly intoxicated by salsa tunes and smells of "frijoles negros" Cuban popular dish very popular with tourists. This southern culture s' claims at the Calle Ocho festival point culminan