Prepare a ski holiday in Méribel Two major advantages make Méribel a flagship station of Savoie: a vast ski area and a seamless animation! The winter (mid-December to mid-April) is of course the high tourist season in Méribel, with attendance peaks associated with the school holidays of Christmas or February ... especially during these times, book accommodation in advance is more than advisable! The resort includes many hotels, mainly between 3 and 4 star translation, a good level of service, but the rooms are not downright data! Some hotels in the smaller categories are filling quickly. Besides hotels, Méribel brings together the classic winter sports resorts for chalets and apartments, several villas and guest houses ... To get to the more economical, tourist homes are usually the solution the most common: there rented a small furnished equipped, highly variable charm ... the most important remains the slopes! In addition to accommodation, there must be equipment rentals and packages to access the ski area: several formulas exist, some are beneficial or can be booked on the website of the 2011.html Méribel Tourist office. Of course, prices vary during the winter season ... Nightlife in Meribel If one chooses to go skiing in Mé