Its position astride the great Sahara desert made Mauritania a link for communications and former trade between the '' two '' Africas, the northern and southern http: //www.cityzeum .com / the-desert-of-7750-Mauritania desert. It is through these trade routes that has spread Islam, majority religion of the country, as has a mixed population of mixed Arab-Berber and black populations. Residents who occupy their territory to very low densities, a large part of Mauritania with particularly steep living conditions, while countering extreme landscapes breathtaking: the region of Adrar and emblematic of these huge tracts arid where it would be so easy to get lost ... the desert meets the ocean on the west side of the country, producing there also an incomparable natural spectacle, protected in part by the prestigious / national-park-bench-of-darguin National park bench Darguin. Human concentrations increase from the south of Nouakchott, towards the border with Senegal, materialized by the river of the same name. Traveling in Mauritania vast desert country, Mauritania offers breathtaking landscapes, whether inland or on the coast ... There is much to see in Mauritania but also some serious distances: no need for a travel time too short, except where there is only across the country, otherwise there is a risk to leave frustrated! A week to '' make '' the best two weeks or more to take s