Malaysia is one of the most IN destinations in recent years. It welcomes tourists in search of exoticism and disorientation. Although it is located at the end of the world, 10 429 km France, Malaysia does not deter tourists either! The destination tries too? The following may be helpful. Relaxation, sun and beaches in Malaysia The Malaysian state located in the far south of the Indochinese peninsula, in its narrowest part, while the other piece of its territory occupies the north of the island of Borneo. Malaysia is comprised of two geographically separate entities. Peninsular Malaysia first, south of Thailand, is bisected by a mountain range. On the west coast, Kuala Lumpur is the showcase of modernity of the country, including its two tall towers Petronas among the highest in the world. So more on the east coast and offshore islands that lovers of white sand beaches find their happiness, while in the interior, solid hiking can discover caves and forests. On the side of Borneo, up to the jungle and low population densities, which allowed the creation of several natural parks, such as

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