In Macon, you're still in Burgundy, and yet it looks more and more to the south: the city is very close to the Rhone-Alpes region, with the hinterland Beaujolais, we understand why! On the Saône, Mâcon is a quiet town where a cozy atmosphere. A great step also, the city is at the crossroads of the A6 and A40, two major highways. Must Mâcon Mâcon same, an interesting heritage, between the historic center and the banks of the Saône. Around town, the Mâconnais Country: beautiful countryside, villages, Romanesque churches, vineyards, and a string of sports and outdoor recreation ... green tourism in all its glory! Specialty restaurants and Some good restaurants, there, in the center of Mâcon as the surroundings: coffee shops, bistros, caps, hostels ... enough to spend hours at the table. At the confluence of several regions, Macon takes advantage of the wealth of neighboring territories: Bresse poultry, Charolais beef, Burgundy snails, to which is added the Mâcon cheese, river fish, wafers mâconnaises ... Not to mention the wines of the region to be discovered in the cellars of the Route des Vins Mâconnais-Beaujolais. The corners where to sleep Of course, you will find a range of hotels in central Macon; functional but uninspiring allow institutions to stop near the highway. In the countryside, the charm their spots in farmhouses and country cottages. Identity Population: about 35,000 Department: https://www.cityzeum.com/tourisme/saone-et-loire-71 Saône-et-Loire Postcode: 71000 Links Website http: //www.macon .com / "