A small town south of the Netherlands whose name sounds familiar: it was here that was signed the famous Treaty of Maastricht in 1992, founder of the European Union as we know it today. On a tourist map, one can not say that Maastricht is also famous ... In of Limburg, Maastricht borders with Belgium and close to the Germany: a step more often than anything else; but this is a city still worth a look! Visit Maastricht is the southernmost city of Netherlands. Capital of the province of Limburg, it claims to be the oldest city in the Netherlands. Its old center is actually very old, with its beautiful houses of hewn stone, cobblestone streets and its magnificent cathedral. The city is also well known for its fine dining, excellent shopping and multicultural atmosphere. Geographically, the city is divided in two by the Meuse. On the one hand, the majority of commercial activity is concentrated on the western bank of the river. Moreover, the train station and the Bonnefanten Museum are implanted on the east side. The main attraction of Maastricht is the visit of the cellar of St Pieterburg. This cave was used as shelter by the Dutch during World War to escape Nazi persecution. You will be amazed vo