Small territory wedged between France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg is certainly a destination where one thinks too little compared to its accessibility. and its many riches that remain often unfairly overlooked. Luxembourg is also the name that designates the country's capital, a city rich with outstanding heritage. The distance from the main conurbation Luxembourg to reach the green countryside of the Duchy! It is also a region known for its many castles, witnesses of the pivotal position occupied this territory since the Middle Ages. Discover Luxembourg Luxembourg is an exceptional destination which attracted many tourists. The Grand Duchy, as we usually call it, has a diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures breathtaking. Museums and historical monuments are sights to discover. Two large regions differ, with Oesling north and rolling hills of the Ardennes in southern Gutland the region including the Moselle or Little Switzerland, regions whose natural charms are well established. Landscapes, museums and historical monuments intéressantsPar Moreover, this city is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The natural parks of the Our and the Upper Sure attract nature lovers. For the story, it is advisable to visit the bunker Runschelt Kaundorf reminiscent of the days of the Second World War. Enjoy the eclectic scenery it offers. Museums are numerous in Luxembourg. The most popular are the Wine Museum that chronicles the history of viticulture in the Grand Duchy and everything related to production and wine making. You will discover how and with what tools the wine is made in visiting wineries, cooperage, etc. The History Museum of the City of Luxembourg tells the urbanistic developments, social, economic and politi

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