City of major art in Italy, Lucca has a vast artistic heritage within its walls. Its origins are very old and it was an important Roman center. Besides its monuments, dating back to medieval times, its beautiful villas of the sixteenth century located in the verdant countryside of Lucca, worth visiting. Mura The city walls are famous around the world because they are intact. Along the walls, a beautiful pedestrian path was built. Tour the ramparts at sunset, you will see a city even more romantic. The Duomo of Lucca Lucca magnificent Duomo dates back to the thirteenth century and has a rich façade sculptures. to see: the portal, with the Deposition of Nicola Pisano. Piazza dell'Anfiteatro This place was built on the remains of the ancient Roman amphitheater. Via Fillungo This is the main thoroughfare of the historic center, where beautiful shops are located. The Piazza San Michele ancient Roman forum Lucca is a beautiful place surrounded by medieval palaces and the beautiful Romanesque church of San Michele, the white limestone facade. San Alessandro Chiesa Maggiore This beautiful all white classic church dates back to the eleventh century. Palazzo Ducale Began in the seventeenth century and ended in the eighteenth by architect Filippo Juvarra, the Ducal Palace Piazza Napoleone Lucca is. It retains a beautiful monumental staircase inside and a courtyard. The Clock Tower more é